Happy 19th Birthday
Happy 19th Birthday

My acquaintance with Il Volo’s 3 young men began when catching a PBS special in  June of 2013.

At first glance of the boys, my heart belonged to Piero immediately.  His eyes looked right through you as if he could actually see into your heart and mind to capture your thoughts and emotions as as making you thing he was singing only to you.  His voice just soars and your heart along with it.  He is a tease though, but so subtle that you almost miss it unless you are paying attention.  Piero does things for shock value.  The selfie he shared showing off what exercising had done for his abs comes to mind.  And then there is his backside.  Much has been made of it, but for myself I find that it is perfect, so round, so firm, so fully packed!

And then aaaah, Ignazio.  If you remember the “Dennis the Menace” movie with Walter Matheau, Dennis’ eyes would always twinkle as he was getting ready to do something he shouldn’t.  This to me is Ignazio, the little boy inside the man’s body always looking for the outrageous to entertain  and surprise you.  And then he sings in that beautifully clear tenor voice taking you on a trip to the heavens  His smile, including dimples, just mesmerizes you.

Lastly Gianluca whose style, beauty, and elegance are beyond belief.  And yet, there seems to be a reserve about him that almost seems like a lack of self confidence until he starts to sing.  That warm, full baritone just  fills you with heat and brings you to heights you could never imagine.  His habit of standing or walking with his hands in his pockets, or when been interviewed with his arms placed so as to almost hug himself, makes me believe that there is a well hidden shyness to him.  A piece of himself he is uncomfortable sharing.

As some of you know by now I am an avid cross stitcher.  I stitch pre-made patterns and little bon mot from cross stitch magazines when I want to stitch but don’t have time to do a full project.   It is these minis that gave me the basis for Gianluca’s gift.  I thought I would stitch several minis reflecting his interests and personality as we Il Volovers have come to know.

In planning the design I began by listing what I knew about Gianluca with some certainty.  The I thought about what else I would like to include that I wasn’t sure was defined,  going to whom I consider to be the source of all confirmable information, Marie Crider, I asked her the questions for which I needed answers to enable me to complete the desin.  she contacted me and asked i she could share my email with the WordPress bloggers in an effort to get more input for me.  Of course I agreed.  In all there were over a dozen responses.  Thank you ladies!

Then I sat down in my girl cave and began looking through my cross stitch magazines, leaflets and patters for appropriate minis, alphabets etc.  I began with the heading which of would be HAPPY 19 BIRTHDAY.  I found a banner pattern in one of my leaflets and thought it would be perfect or the background for Happy Birthday  So I stitched it in dark blue, Gianluca’s favorite color  When I stitched the letters in a pale blue ovet top the banner stitching I was very unhappy with the way it looked.  Being the perfectionist I am, nothing would do but take out all the stitching and change the heading to block letters in variegated blues.  Much better.  In addition I added the Italian and Spanish versions of Happy Birthday above and in each corner.

Gianluca is an Aquarian.  For those of you who are acquainted with the Zodiac know that this is the water bearer sign.  Noting would do but to find a water bearer symbol in all my resource materials.  Find symbols I did, but not one was the right size the right perspective or just right.  The alternate to the water bearer symbol is a set of two parallel wavy lines.  This was the symbol I used.

I was able to find the traits of an Aquarian, the flower,  the jewel  and their meanings on the internet.  The flower and the jewel meanings were rather obtuse so I left them out.  I was however amazed that the traits listed fit Gianluca to a tee.  I took a dozen or so and stitched them around the Aquarian sign

One of the traits of the Aquarian is the love of family.  And we all know Gianluca loves his family.  This was difficult to represent.   All the ‘people’ designs I was able to find were either too large, too cartoonish, or of a much different era and unusable.  So to be creative,  I stitched a frame with the outlines of Dad, Ernie, and Mom within it.

I wanted to work in the image of the cat that one particular tweeter uses in many sayings he converts to apply to Gianluca.  I thought that the cat was representing the fact that Gianluca likes cat, wrong.  As the tweeter advised me Gianluca is the cat.   Also added his initials GG as with the 140 character limit we generally use this to designate Gianluca to save on space.

The center of the design is IL VOLO with their catch phrase 3 voices one soul directly underneath, with Baritone under that.  Without Il Volo we would never have heard of Gianluca or Piero or Ignazio and thought that the name was an integral part of the boys.

There are three things that all three of the boys enjoy, Sushi, Soccer, and cars.  Sushi pattern was non existent, and what I stitched did not resemble anything edible, let alone Sushi, so out it went and I removed it.  Soccer, now that was easy.  There are literally dozens of representations of Soccer and its gear.  I chose one with a soccer ball and the word soccer in block letters.  The choice of a car should have been a walk in the park, but not so.  There were so many to chose from and having no idea of what Gianluca drove I was forced to omit a car.   It wasn’t until later that I found out Gianluca didn’t have his drivers license yet.

The balance of the design shows the musical side of Gianluca.  Some of the songs he likes and singers he admires are stitched around a musical chart and staff with the word MUSIC, another musical chart with a microphone superimposed on it, and lastly a piano was included representing the instrument he plays.

There were two unique ideas received as a result of Marie’s blog asking for additional information that I was able to incorporate into the design.  The first  was to include something of the region or town that Gianluca is from.  I was able to find a flag of Abruzzo which I stitched into the design and of course, the flag of Italy.  The other was to include some type of a beach scene to show Gianluca’s love of the beach and water.  Also to incorporate some beach equipment in triplicate showing room for all the boys of Il Volo.

Just a couple of days later I got a new cross stitch magazine that had the perfect mini.  It was labeled “sea, sand and sun” and had a beach lounger in the center.  I added two more loungers to accommodate Piero and Ignazio.

The final piece of the design included a tribute to his elegance in fashion and classy nature.  These ideas were represented by a tuxedo, his blue suit, his white hat, and new sunglasses.

Having set an internal shipping date of 2/4/2014 which allowed 8 days for the trip from my home to Italy, I was out of time and had to frame the design myself.  As usually happens the design came out in a non standard size for purchased frames so the addition of a border was required.  Not having regular matting product, nor the ability to cut to size, I took some dark blue cross stitch fabric and made borders myself.  Not ideal, but not bad either.  To have had it done professionally would have taken another 7 days that I just didn’t have.



Out of my mind at the end of the year

I am so organized not … my Christmas blog is nearly finished and it is a week late…saving it for next year.

I am so organized not … 3 of the Christmas presents I intended to complete and ship in time for Christmas have not been started…can’t have them ready for New Years either. Oh, I know, Valentine’s Day.  That’s six weeks away, think I might make it!

I am so organized not … the Cub Scout blanket I planned for his last Christmas, then his birthday, then this Christmas is still not done…now he is a Boy Scout!

I am so organized … that the area in the basement … MY GIRL CAVE … is now FINISHED!  Course that is in lieu of every other thing on my TO DO list.

I am so organized … I have submitted my New Years resolutions already:  Live … each day fully!  Laugh … it is the best medicine and good exercise! … and the most important of all … Love … completely, body and soul, any other way is not real true love!

I am so organized not … that recently I was told I have my days and nights mixed up.  With the guys home in Italy…my American day and night IS mixed up.  I am on Il Volo time!!  A concept everyone but a fellow Il Voloer, does not understand!

I am so flattered … that so many of my tweets have been favorited I continually am adding new friends to my following account.

I am so organized not  … that I don’t know who many of them are!

I am so blessed … that I have made some very good buddies while tweeting.  Though we only know each other through the Il Volo tweets, we are a loving, caring “family” of Il Volovers.

I am so blessed … that I have not lost anyone close to me this year, family or friends.

I am also blessed … that God has given me a burden that he thinks I can handle.  Not sure I agree, but he is helping me try my best and the music of Il Volo helps relax and center me as well.

The one virtue that I know I will miserably fail at in 2014 as in all previous years, is that of patience.  Already I am impatiently awaiting new album publishing dates, new Il Volo concert schedule for 2014, Il Volo appearances, pictures and/or selfies of our guys, and updated biographies (true) of them.

Wishing you all a safe, healthy, joyous New Year 2014!


This will not be my normal random thoughts running all together for a change.

Doing a lot of introspective thinking lately, I delved into my memory to see if I could remember where I was first introduced to music and by whom.

Surprise, surprise, it was my grandfather who was the first one to introduce me to music in the form of opera and classic concerto pieces, Bach, Brahms, etc.  Granddad was a first generation American of German extraction.  This was the music that he had been brought up on.  I thought the music was fine, but as the operas were not in English, and there was no visual presentation, I was hard put at 10 to figure out was going on.  The classical pieces were reserved for “quiet time” before dinner and a mandatory attention to listening versus talking was strongly enforced.  I did mention he was German?

I segued into my love for musicals because my grandmother loved  musicals, Oklahoma, South Pacific, Kiss Me Kate, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, at first available on 33 1/3 LP, then later made into movies.  TV was still in its growing stage then and these movies were favorites of housewives.   I know Mimi always did her ironing while they were on.  Other fabulous voices of the time were that of Nelson Eddy, Howard Keel and Dennis Day.  Piero’s range and resonance reminds me of Nelson Eddy.  The projection, the power, the passion are there in both mens voices.  Dennis Day was a tenor very reminiscent of Ignazio today.  He had such a clear tone, soft or strong as needed, just like Ignazio.

At home Glen Miller, Harry James, Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Montevoni were played often.  Dance music all.  My parents grew up with this music while in the service and continued with it after the war was over. Once a month my parents hosted a “dance party” and invited their friends.  Soon the addition of Bobby Vinton, Chubby Checker, and the south of the border sounds added to the dance cards along with the “twist” and “calypso”.  This was a happening group of parents.

About this time I started to branch out on my own to the singers of the ’50’s and into the ’60’s.  My idol at that time was Ricky Nelson.  I had all his records, 45’s and/or 33 1/3.  Knew all the words and could sing along without a miss. He was the Gianluca of my day.  Photoplay and other star magazines at the time were followed religiously for any and all information on the teen idols.  Twitter and Face Book meet those media needs today. Ricky was also easy to follow since he appeared weekly on a family sitcom, The Ozzie Nelson show.  Gianluca reminds me a lot of Ricky in that they both have the eyes and smile that invites you in to go along with their smooth velvet tones and sigh.  Other groups who have held their measure in their song writing if not their singing were Neil Diamond, Paul Anka, Barry Manilow, and the Beach Boys.  There were so many good duos, trios, and groups;  The Righteous Brothers, Four Seasons, Fabian,  Everly Brothers and of course ELVIS, I could go on and on.

Next came the BRITISH INVASION in the form of 4 guys from Liverpool, THE BEATLES.  My first introduction to them was  after a 12 hour bus ride home from school for the weekend.  My sister decided to listen to her most recent album purchase at a volume approaching hearing loss and I actually fell out of bed.  It was a while before I warmed up to their music.  But eventually I became a quasi-follower as well.

With marriage also came the addition of Chet Atkins, inarguably one of the best “pickers”, to my music world.  Also added were many classical pieces.  You see Doug was a very talented guitar player and at one time could have played piano in concert had life not gotten in his way.  Family then, as today, comes first, the individual second.

Peter, Paul, and Mary and John Denver were among the ballad singers working their way into the music world.  Woman’s lib worked its way into the music I listened to as well.  Helen Reddy and her “Woman hear me roar”, was one of the songs I still remember to this day.

I seemed to take a hiatus from new music for awhile, working, raising kids, creating my own home.  I did keep up with the music I loved by listening to the various musical variety shows that populated the TV during the ’70’s and ’80’s.  Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra were right there are the top, and also appealing to my nostalgia gene, the Happy Days TV show.  My kids thought that the show was “old fashioned”, but enjoyed the “Fonz” and the music.  As my kids approached teen age, their music was added to the mix I was used to.  Heavy metal was the new sound…and sound it did.  More “sound and fury, signifying nothing”.

Fortunately their tastes changed and evolved, though my son still prefers, if not heavy metal, something that sounds nearly as ‘unique’.  I have hope for him though as his daughter is slowly broadening his tastes. She is a member of her school choir and Treble Trouble group.  She also attends School of Rock which requires on stage participation.

And I continued my hiatus from new music happy and content with the favorites that I had.  We then started watching PBS on a semi regular basis catching many shows featuring music and melodies from our era until one night we happened to catch the first PBS special of Il Volo.  I was reborn and accepted Pop Opera and Il Volo as my new addiction.  That very first night I went to my computer and ordered everything on Amazon that was available at the time.  As new CD/DVD’s become available I get them.  First thing everyday I check twitter for the newest photos and you tubes that may have come in over night.

Recently Ignazio tweeted about the poster where the fans had said Il Volo had changed their lives, he replied that we fans had changed Il Volo’s lives.  I can attest to that.  Discovering Il Volo I changed and began tweeting, Face Book, blogging, and learning Spanish.  Always inquisitive, I wanted to be able to read those reviews that are coming in from Latin America and South America.  Actually interacting with people whether I know them or not, by exchanging and comparing views.  Il Volo has literally saved me from terminal boredom and the loss of major brain power.  THANK YOU GUYS, LOVE YA FOREVER.

I can’t see ever letting go of the wonder that is Il Volo.  I am theirs for life!

Out of my mind moaning … after the weekend

I’m so old

…there was no Sweetest Day when I was dating.

…that Queen B was a derogatory term you used for someone,  not the place of honor on Sweetest Day.

…traveling to Central and Latin America requiring bodyguards.  Really glad they have them, sorry the guys need them.

Applying my mind

…that’s when I translated an English sentence to Spanish and typed in high school French words instead of Spanish!   Boy did the program let me know I was wrong.  Had to repeat that sentence 4 times before it would pass me.

…copying tweets in Spanish that I have no clue of the meaning, pasting to translate via Google or Bing, then try to arrange the words so they make sense.  There are still some I can’t nail down.

…some ESL students are having the same problem with gender in sentences as I am.  As well as not being able to spell!  Really messes up the translators.

…to grammar and verb conjugation.  Well after I ever expected to have to deal with them again!  And, I still don’t like them, but I have to admit I am getting better at them.  It said practice makes perfect. My theory is to get them out of the way by fair means or foul so I don’t have to go back again.  Ya right I’ve always used the fair means, too wimpy to do anything else.  I was always the “good” student.

…have been trying to outline my ‘book’.  Problem is I have specific scenes in mind, so I’m applying the ‘write what you feel’ technique in hopes I can tie the vignettes together to make sense.  Of course you have to know I day dream a lot and talk to myself too, entire conversations, both sides.  Awake or a sleep doesn’t matter. I have a phenomenal capability for outrageous dreams!  I even have leapt out of bed while dreaming I was being chased and I had to leap over a 20 story drop a la “Castle”.  Scared the bejesus out of my family!  Didn’t do my knees any good either.  I

…tried to finish my “IlVoloized cross stitch” last night.  Didn’t have that much left.  Yep you guessed it.  Went to finalize it today and found that I miscounted and had to take out all the stitches I’d stayed up late to finish.  Guess that will teach me.  Kinda like measure twice and cut once.

 Depression on my mind

…too fat to make a new outfit.  Patterns for “my size” are either shapeless tents by Omar, or require stretch material.  Baby ain’t nobody made stretch material to work on me.

…all you need is THIS supplement to lose weight.  The only weight I lost was in my wallet.

…lost my puppy over 20 years ago, need another one desperately.  I haven’t had my “toe jam” cleaned in ages.  Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.  I had a job where I was on my feet walking from the office through to the end of the warehouse in high heels on concrete.  The tongue action was as good as a massage, without the tickle.  Now I just miss it and him.

…knowing what we know now and not being able to do anything  satisfying (hmmmm) with it.  I am up to my neck in tweets for our guys, “I love you”, Marry me”, “I will die if you don’t follow me” etc. and am ready to gag.   Why should our guys follow them?  These girls can’t put two words together, let alone a coherent sentence (English or Spanish). Seems like the guys are looking for intelligence first in a match, except maybe Gianluca…did you see the picture of him with that blonde?  I thought he was going to need a bib.  (This “wife” information was from one of the few intelligent interviews (in English) that I’ve found on You Tube.)  I think back to the funny  tweet that showed Gian’s wedding day…him running for his life being chased by a mob of brides-to-be.  He is right he is sexy and he knows it.  Not that I am knocking it, unfortunately he is just a little too come hither for my comfort level.


Well it is Saturday, the guys had a day off, or maybe a travel day to get ready for their 2 concert stand starting tomorrow.  They have been surprisingly quiet.  I wonder if their Dad’s are still there?  I saw a picture of Mr Ginoble and Mr. Barone talking at a hotel waiting for transportation with the crew a couple of days ago.  And, I think Mr Boschetto was still there, I know the girls were enjoying him, even telling Ignazio that Mr Boschetto was so funny.  He is kinda cute and you can see what Ignazio will look like in 30 or 40 years.  Not bad. Whether they are there or not, we not getting any tweets from them.  Course they are probably drag butt tired, I can’t imagine how they are coping.

Getting really tired of IlVoloMiami’s tweets.  Seems like if a photo (not even a particularly clear or good one) is tweeted by at least 4 members and/or is several days old.  Gets boring after awhile.  And then there are the tweets that are really ads describing fashions, etc. that are useful, not.

Boy am I in a foul and nasty mood today. Best close this out for now before I write something I will get into trouble for later.

Let me hear from you!



Out of My Mind Moaning…and It’s Tuesday Already

It has been a hectic week where I accomplished only completing my first “Il Voloized” cross stitch and sending it to the Cross Stitch Crazy magazine board to see if they will pick it to be published in their magazine.  The next magazine is due in a month.  I’ve got my fingers crossed.  There is no prize or anything, just the good feeling you get from getting “published” and sharing with fellow crossstitchers. That is the picture that I posted trying to get it attached to this.

I did get the avatar up for my twitter and face book accounts, but was unable to get it to size at all.  I spent a full day searching the web looking for suggestions.  I tried everything I found, but nothing seemed to work.  I got the Avatar resizer, which reduced the file to the correct size, but when moving it to Twitter it ignored the adjusted Avatar and put in what would fit of the full size in the Twitter protocol.  Oh well it is better than having that horrible blank face up there.  I am sure I will stumble on it when I am looking for something else.

The weather here in Michigan has been absolutely wonderful.  Not an Indian Summer wonderful, with low 70’s, but high 60’s during the day with no HUMIDITY.  And low 60’s at night, perfect sleeping weather.  I have been able to spend a great amount of time on my deck, the most wonderful part of my condo.  The back of the condo where the deck is, faces directly on the park with trees, shrubs, and a toboggan length of hill away from the parkway that bisects the park.  There is very little traffic during the day, between “rush hours” which is when I spend quality time there reading, cross stitching, or just day dreaming or thinking about the past, present, and future.

Years ago when I had a lot of ambition and drive but little time with a home, kids, making all our clothes, and a job outside the home, I dreamt of writing a romantic and/or mystery novel.  My desire had been sublimated, but an email from  LuLu.com asking if I were going to participate in the November novel writing month.  As I already have a rough draft (in my head part of my day dreaming) and specific scenes as well, I think I will give it a try.  Nothing to lose and maybe another creative outlet!  Will let you know if I have any success, or if it is just a dream from another era.

I’m sure you all saw the photo display of Ignazio, from IgnazioBMundial I believe, showing a new tattoo on Ignazio’s wrist “Gracias”.  I had noticed he had what appeared to be a tattoo on the back of is upper right arm and was going to ask if anyone knew what the significance was and what it says.  Just don’t understand why young people, in particular, put themselves through that pain (especially on the sensitive wrist) for a permanent decoration they might be very embarrassed about when they get older and have children.  (Especially when the skin starts to sag and wrinkle as I have seen on, let’s call them, older party girls…ick.)

The other thing that ‘bothers’ me is his earring.  He doesn’t wear it in official photos I’ve seen, but seems to wear it when in concert and out relaxing and playing with his buds.  Any idea what the significance of this is?

I’m sure you will remember the photo of Il Volo where they pose in the “Hears no evil, Speaks no evil, and Sees no evil” characters.  ‘Course they rearranged the wording to show Piero as not seeing, Gianluca as not hearing, and Ignazio as not speaking.  When I saw that I decided to find a cross stitch pattern and make it up with each guy being portrayed in their favorite colors.  Worked out fine for Piero in red, Ignazio in orange, but I haven’t been able to find out what Gianluca’s favorite color is.  Anybody know?  Being unable to find any clues on the internet, or look for a particular reappearing color in his photos, I took my cue from that electric blue suit that reflects the light so strangely it looks like he is shimmering.  It turned out great.  I have ‘Piero’ and ‘Gian’ done and am half way through ‘Ignazio’.  Should be able to wrap it up this weekend.  I’m going to frame it and hang it on the wall next to my computer so everyone sees it when they come in.  Will send you a photo of it if I can figure out how.  Any and all instructions or a ‘how to’ will be appreciated.

Speaking of Il Volo…and when do we not.  Between Gian’s going to take a shower and Piero’s amazingly muscled chest and abs I have found it very difficult to get a restful nights sleep!  Those images just force their way in to my subconscious and I wake up enough to interrupt my sleep.  Boy, imagine seeing them in person, I won’t sleep for a week!  My husband has always teased me about the men I tell him are attractive, they are all dark haired and brown eyed.  He is a blond as he can be and blue, blue eyed. They say opposites attract,  I am dark haired (mostly) and dark eyed.

Speaking of eye color, I read in a twitter or face book last week that Gian’s eyes are hazel green.  I can’t tell in the various photos I have.  They look as if they are a light brown.  Can any of you describe his eyes?  My grandmother had hazel green eyes with dots of dark brown in the iris.  They were very pretty, but lots lighter than Gian’s look.

Have fallen way behind in my Spanish studies, but plan on playing catch up this week.  I have to seriously review what I have learned (including that icky conjugation of verbs).  I’m getting pretty good at picking apart the meaning with the words I do know, but have been seriously surprised when what I thought a word meant did not even come close to being the right translation.  I do note that the large majority of tweets the guys get from teenage girls all have to do with their “love” for them, or how they can not wait until the concert, or how wonderful last nights (concert) was.  Not a decent conversationalist among them.  No wonder the guys don’t “follow” them, it’s basic jibber jabber as Penny would say on The Big Bang.  The IlVolo follower groups, like Boston and the Mundails, do a nice job of being informative plus they have pretty good different pictures. 

Oh, before I forget.  I get the Signals (DPBS) channel directory as I am a monthly supporter.  There is an Il Volo special on Nov 2nd and the new Christmas Special on Nov 30th.  If you have PBS your schedules might be not be the same?  The Nov 30 special is hosted here out of Detroit.  The only reason I know this is that there is a “Wine and Dine” with our boys on December 1st at a very fancy restaurant, The RattleSnake Club.  Get this, they decided (PBS) to make this a fund raiser for PBS and the tickets are $1,000 per couple, limited to 50 couples.  Bit too rich for me, ‘course if I win PowerBall before then I’m there! There is also a special with Barbar Striesand around Thanksgiving that is reported to have Il Volo in it as well.

Have you noticed in the video’s from the conference goers in Latin America you can not hear the boys at all the crowd is so busy screaming!  So glad we are so ‘quiet and dignified’ here in North America.  Yah right, at least we do shut up and listen after the first round of noise.  One thing that really caused me major concern was the fact that the boys have body guards.  Not the fact that they have them, but the fact that they need them.  Very scary.  LIjoy(@poodleparent) and I are constantly worried about just the travel between sites, without adding in the security issue once they arrive.

Now that I’ve bent your ear, please don’t hesitate to let me know how much I bored you to death.  Have a great week.




Outta my mind on a Monday moaning

First let me tell you this is not an original title.  It has been used before.  It surely describes my attitude and feelings on a Monday moaning when all of the Detroit sports teams have played with various results.  Not that I particularly follow sports (I have my own TV). But being in a household where college football reigns supreme on Saturday, pro football on Sunday (or if unlucky on Monday night too) and the baseball playoff when they choose, moaning is what goes on in this household.  Feeling sorry for me, a female stuck in an all male sports oriented family?  Don’t be, the top sports follower is my daughter!  Of course her field of training is in athletic sports medicine so the top prize is warranted.

Apropos of absolutely nothing…the way my mind works now days, I am so thrilled and delighted that Il Volo was presented the gold CD in Mexico for Mas Que Amor.  These extremely talented and charismatic young men have truly earned this award.  The last couple of days I have seen photos and video’s from the Mexican locations where their energy levels and song qualities are even higher than the US Tour venues.  Latin America has really taken them to their hearts and souls.  Unfortunately for US followers, with the exception of Miami, the US reception is more reserved and somewhat older.  Not that the US doesn’t appreciate and enjoy Il Volo, but after the wholehearted exuberance of the 50s and ’60s fans, as Ignazio would say the “gramma’s”, enjoyment and enthusiasm is  with a “what did you expect” attitude rather than the celebration back “in the day”.  Just imagine the reaction and embarrassment should any of the current generation be shown some of these “grammas” greeting the Beatles, or Elvis.  Remember “Happy Days”?

I never really thought about learning another language, certainly not now.  When I travelled on business a rudimentary Spanish understanding would very much been beneficial, but not enough to go the extra mile in learning it.  Now, with Il Volo in Mexico and soon to go to South America,  I am trying to outpace the spanish twitters in learning, and am almost there.  So many of the twitters use the same words and concepts so what I have learned from either my lessons or from translations in Google and Bing, I can read about 60% without referring to notes.  An accomplishment I am very proud of after only two weeks.

Now that I have the time, my various out hobbies are starting to precedence too.  I just completed a cross stitch of a “flight” of hot air balloons.  When I first saw the pattern I immediately thought of “Beautiful Day”.  I “Il Volotized” it and hope to have a picture of it up tomorrow in my twitter account and here on my profile page.

Guess this will do for my first attempt.  Let me know how you like it!