Outta my mind on a Monday moaning

First let me tell you this is not an original title.  It has been used before.  It surely describes my attitude and feelings on a Monday moaning when all of the Detroit sports teams have played with various results.  Not that I particularly follow sports (I have my own TV). But being in a household where college football reigns supreme on Saturday, pro football on Sunday (or if unlucky on Monday night too) and the baseball playoff when they choose, moaning is what goes on in this household.  Feeling sorry for me, a female stuck in an all male sports oriented family?  Don’t be, the top sports follower is my daughter!  Of course her field of training is in athletic sports medicine so the top prize is warranted.

Apropos of absolutely nothing…the way my mind works now days, I am so thrilled and delighted that Il Volo was presented the gold CD in Mexico for Mas Que Amor.  These extremely talented and charismatic young men have truly earned this award.  The last couple of days I have seen photos and video’s from the Mexican locations where their energy levels and song qualities are even higher than the US Tour venues.  Latin America has really taken them to their hearts and souls.  Unfortunately for US followers, with the exception of Miami, the US reception is more reserved and somewhat older.  Not that the US doesn’t appreciate and enjoy Il Volo, but after the wholehearted exuberance of the 50s and ’60s fans, as Ignazio would say the “gramma’s”, enjoyment and enthusiasm is  with a “what did you expect” attitude rather than the celebration back “in the day”.  Just imagine the reaction and embarrassment should any of the current generation be shown some of these “grammas” greeting the Beatles, or Elvis.  Remember “Happy Days”?

I never really thought about learning another language, certainly not now.  When I travelled on business a rudimentary Spanish understanding would very much been beneficial, but not enough to go the extra mile in learning it.  Now, with Il Volo in Mexico and soon to go to South America,  I am trying to outpace the spanish twitters in learning, and am almost there.  So many of the twitters use the same words and concepts so what I have learned from either my lessons or from translations in Google and Bing, I can read about 60% without referring to notes.  An accomplishment I am very proud of after only two weeks.

Now that I have the time, my various out hobbies are starting to precedence too.  I just completed a cross stitch of a “flight” of hot air balloons.  When I first saw the pattern I immediately thought of “Beautiful Day”.  I “Il Volotized” it and hope to have a picture of it up tomorrow in my twitter account and here on my profile page.

Guess this will do for my first attempt.  Let me know how you like it!





One thought on “Outta my mind on a Monday moaning

  1. First comment: Way to go isn’t blogging liberating? Second comment: Have to admit I am the sports junkie in my family. Third and most important comment: I love “Il Volotized” this is the new when you associate everything with the guys!

    I will be looking for the next installment.

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