Out of My Mind Moaning…and It’s Tuesday Already

It has been a hectic week where I accomplished only completing my first “Il Voloized” cross stitch and sending it to the Cross Stitch Crazy magazine board to see if they will pick it to be published in their magazine.  The next magazine is due in a month.  I’ve got my fingers crossed.  There is no prize or anything, just the good feeling you get from getting “published” and sharing with fellow crossstitchers. That is the picture that I posted trying to get it attached to this.

I did get the avatar up for my twitter and face book accounts, but was unable to get it to size at all.  I spent a full day searching the web looking for suggestions.  I tried everything I found, but nothing seemed to work.  I got the Avatar resizer, which reduced the file to the correct size, but when moving it to Twitter it ignored the adjusted Avatar and put in what would fit of the full size in the Twitter protocol.  Oh well it is better than having that horrible blank face up there.  I am sure I will stumble on it when I am looking for something else.

The weather here in Michigan has been absolutely wonderful.  Not an Indian Summer wonderful, with low 70’s, but high 60’s during the day with no HUMIDITY.  And low 60’s at night, perfect sleeping weather.  I have been able to spend a great amount of time on my deck, the most wonderful part of my condo.  The back of the condo where the deck is, faces directly on the park with trees, shrubs, and a toboggan length of hill away from the parkway that bisects the park.  There is very little traffic during the day, between “rush hours” which is when I spend quality time there reading, cross stitching, or just day dreaming or thinking about the past, present, and future.

Years ago when I had a lot of ambition and drive but little time with a home, kids, making all our clothes, and a job outside the home, I dreamt of writing a romantic and/or mystery novel.  My desire had been sublimated, but an email from  LuLu.com asking if I were going to participate in the November novel writing month.  As I already have a rough draft (in my head part of my day dreaming) and specific scenes as well, I think I will give it a try.  Nothing to lose and maybe another creative outlet!  Will let you know if I have any success, or if it is just a dream from another era.

I’m sure you all saw the photo display of Ignazio, from IgnazioBMundial I believe, showing a new tattoo on Ignazio’s wrist “Gracias”.  I had noticed he had what appeared to be a tattoo on the back of is upper right arm and was going to ask if anyone knew what the significance was and what it says.  Just don’t understand why young people, in particular, put themselves through that pain (especially on the sensitive wrist) for a permanent decoration they might be very embarrassed about when they get older and have children.  (Especially when the skin starts to sag and wrinkle as I have seen on, let’s call them, older party girls…ick.)

The other thing that ‘bothers’ me is his earring.  He doesn’t wear it in official photos I’ve seen, but seems to wear it when in concert and out relaxing and playing with his buds.  Any idea what the significance of this is?

I’m sure you will remember the photo of Il Volo where they pose in the “Hears no evil, Speaks no evil, and Sees no evil” characters.  ‘Course they rearranged the wording to show Piero as not seeing, Gianluca as not hearing, and Ignazio as not speaking.  When I saw that I decided to find a cross stitch pattern and make it up with each guy being portrayed in their favorite colors.  Worked out fine for Piero in red, Ignazio in orange, but I haven’t been able to find out what Gianluca’s favorite color is.  Anybody know?  Being unable to find any clues on the internet, or look for a particular reappearing color in his photos, I took my cue from that electric blue suit that reflects the light so strangely it looks like he is shimmering.  It turned out great.  I have ‘Piero’ and ‘Gian’ done and am half way through ‘Ignazio’.  Should be able to wrap it up this weekend.  I’m going to frame it and hang it on the wall next to my computer so everyone sees it when they come in.  Will send you a photo of it if I can figure out how.  Any and all instructions or a ‘how to’ will be appreciated.

Speaking of Il Volo…and when do we not.  Between Gian’s going to take a shower and Piero’s amazingly muscled chest and abs I have found it very difficult to get a restful nights sleep!  Those images just force their way in to my subconscious and I wake up enough to interrupt my sleep.  Boy, imagine seeing them in person, I won’t sleep for a week!  My husband has always teased me about the men I tell him are attractive, they are all dark haired and brown eyed.  He is a blond as he can be and blue, blue eyed. They say opposites attract,  I am dark haired (mostly) and dark eyed.

Speaking of eye color, I read in a twitter or face book last week that Gian’s eyes are hazel green.  I can’t tell in the various photos I have.  They look as if they are a light brown.  Can any of you describe his eyes?  My grandmother had hazel green eyes with dots of dark brown in the iris.  They were very pretty, but lots lighter than Gian’s look.

Have fallen way behind in my Spanish studies, but plan on playing catch up this week.  I have to seriously review what I have learned (including that icky conjugation of verbs).  I’m getting pretty good at picking apart the meaning with the words I do know, but have been seriously surprised when what I thought a word meant did not even come close to being the right translation.  I do note that the large majority of tweets the guys get from teenage girls all have to do with their “love” for them, or how they can not wait until the concert, or how wonderful last nights (concert) was.  Not a decent conversationalist among them.  No wonder the guys don’t “follow” them, it’s basic jibber jabber as Penny would say on The Big Bang.  The IlVolo follower groups, like Boston and the Mundails, do a nice job of being informative plus they have pretty good different pictures. 

Oh, before I forget.  I get the Signals (DPBS) channel directory as I am a monthly supporter.  There is an Il Volo special on Nov 2nd and the new Christmas Special on Nov 30th.  If you have PBS your schedules might be not be the same?  The Nov 30 special is hosted here out of Detroit.  The only reason I know this is that there is a “Wine and Dine” with our boys on December 1st at a very fancy restaurant, The RattleSnake Club.  Get this, they decided (PBS) to make this a fund raiser for PBS and the tickets are $1,000 per couple, limited to 50 couples.  Bit too rich for me, ‘course if I win PowerBall before then I’m there! There is also a special with Barbar Striesand around Thanksgiving that is reported to have Il Volo in it as well.

Have you noticed in the video’s from the conference goers in Latin America you can not hear the boys at all the crowd is so busy screaming!  So glad we are so ‘quiet and dignified’ here in North America.  Yah right, at least we do shut up and listen after the first round of noise.  One thing that really caused me major concern was the fact that the boys have body guards.  Not the fact that they have them, but the fact that they need them.  Very scary.  LIjoy(@poodleparent) and I are constantly worried about just the travel between sites, without adding in the security issue once they arrive.

Now that I’ve bent your ear, please don’t hesitate to let me know how much I bored you to death.  Have a great week.





2 thoughts on “Out of My Mind Moaning…and It’s Tuesday Already

  1. I want to read your book. That is something that I have also wanted to do. I have several rough, rough drafts started but never did anything with them. Maybe I will put them as a blog series.

    Gian’s actual eye color is not readily apparent. All of them have brown toned eyes.
    I have been trying to learn Spanish and Italian for years. I actually have several audio lesson programs. Now I just get them confused. After meeting three Italian young men that language has not gotten any better, but this tour is helping the Spanish a lot.

    Can you tell I really like your blog? Keep going, I want to read more.

    1. You probably will be one of the first (and maybe only) one. Writing is such a personal matter as you are putting yourself out there, no matter how cleverly disguised you are in the story. At least it is for me. One of the reasons I was so reticent about starting a blog. But as you said so liberating!

      Thanks for reading the blog I appreciate your interest and comments.

      Good night have a great day tomorrow.

      Sent this last night and again this morning, not sure your received either…email instead of attaching a comment. Didn’t want you to think I was ignoring you.

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