Out of my mind moaning … after the weekend

I’m so old

…there was no Sweetest Day when I was dating.

…that Queen B was a derogatory term you used for someone,  not the place of honor on Sweetest Day.

…traveling to Central and Latin America requiring bodyguards.  Really glad they have them, sorry the guys need them.

Applying my mind

…that’s when I translated an English sentence to Spanish and typed in high school French words instead of Spanish!   Boy did the program let me know I was wrong.  Had to repeat that sentence 4 times before it would pass me.

…copying tweets in Spanish that I have no clue of the meaning, pasting to translate via Google or Bing, then try to arrange the words so they make sense.  There are still some I can’t nail down.

…some ESL students are having the same problem with gender in sentences as I am.  As well as not being able to spell!  Really messes up the translators.

…to grammar and verb conjugation.  Well after I ever expected to have to deal with them again!  And, I still don’t like them, but I have to admit I am getting better at them.  It said practice makes perfect. My theory is to get them out of the way by fair means or foul so I don’t have to go back again.  Ya right I’ve always used the fair means, too wimpy to do anything else.  I was always the “good” student.

…have been trying to outline my ‘book’.  Problem is I have specific scenes in mind, so I’m applying the ‘write what you feel’ technique in hopes I can tie the vignettes together to make sense.  Of course you have to know I day dream a lot and talk to myself too, entire conversations, both sides.  Awake or a sleep doesn’t matter. I have a phenomenal capability for outrageous dreams!  I even have leapt out of bed while dreaming I was being chased and I had to leap over a 20 story drop a la “Castle”.  Scared the bejesus out of my family!  Didn’t do my knees any good either.  I

…tried to finish my “IlVoloized cross stitch” last night.  Didn’t have that much left.  Yep you guessed it.  Went to finalize it today and found that I miscounted and had to take out all the stitches I’d stayed up late to finish.  Guess that will teach me.  Kinda like measure twice and cut once.

 Depression on my mind

…too fat to make a new outfit.  Patterns for “my size” are either shapeless tents by Omar, or require stretch material.  Baby ain’t nobody made stretch material to work on me.

…all you need is THIS supplement to lose weight.  The only weight I lost was in my wallet.

…lost my puppy over 20 years ago, need another one desperately.  I haven’t had my “toe jam” cleaned in ages.  Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.  I had a job where I was on my feet walking from the office through to the end of the warehouse in high heels on concrete.  The tongue action was as good as a massage, without the tickle.  Now I just miss it and him.

…knowing what we know now and not being able to do anything  satisfying (hmmmm) with it.  I am up to my neck in tweets for our guys, “I love you”, Marry me”, “I will die if you don’t follow me” etc. and am ready to gag.   Why should our guys follow them?  These girls can’t put two words together, let alone a coherent sentence (English or Spanish). Seems like the guys are looking for intelligence first in a match, except maybe Gianluca…did you see the picture of him with that blonde?  I thought he was going to need a bib.  (This “wife” information was from one of the few intelligent interviews (in English) that I’ve found on You Tube.)  I think back to the funny  tweet that showed Gian’s wedding day…him running for his life being chased by a mob of brides-to-be.  He is right he is sexy and he knows it.  Not that I am knocking it, unfortunately he is just a little too come hither for my comfort level.


Well it is Saturday, the guys had a day off, or maybe a travel day to get ready for their 2 concert stand starting tomorrow.  They have been surprisingly quiet.  I wonder if their Dad’s are still there?  I saw a picture of Mr Ginoble and Mr. Barone talking at a hotel waiting for transportation with the crew a couple of days ago.  And, I think Mr Boschetto was still there, I know the girls were enjoying him, even telling Ignazio that Mr Boschetto was so funny.  He is kinda cute and you can see what Ignazio will look like in 30 or 40 years.  Not bad. Whether they are there or not, we not getting any tweets from them.  Course they are probably drag butt tired, I can’t imagine how they are coping.

Getting really tired of IlVoloMiami’s tweets.  Seems like if a photo (not even a particularly clear or good one) is tweeted by at least 4 members and/or is several days old.  Gets boring after awhile.  And then there are the tweets that are really ads describing fashions, etc. that are useful, not.

Boy am I in a foul and nasty mood today. Best close this out for now before I write something I will get into trouble for later.

Let me hear from you!




7 thoughts on “Out of my mind moaning … after the weekend

  1. Uh, damn. You sound like me on one of my really happy days. LOL One of the reasons why some of my Spanish is getting better is because these clueless “ladies” keep repeating the same phrases over and over again. Ilvolomiami are young and enthusiastic without being realistic. More than one of their posts had the wrong country and venues, but I won’t correct them.

    Yes, the dads are still with them. It makes you wonder how far some of these girls think they are going to get with papa two steps away. Not many of them are wife material, a little too loose with the merchandise.

    Gian is playing mind games and knows it very well. Piero, I think is not calculated. Nazio stays out of it for the most part, except that recent Brabble about the amazing shower with the picture looking relaxed and ready for action.

    In my new blog I explore my method of motivation to exercise and eat right. I usually buy clothes I can’t wear and work real had to fit them. A doctor friend is convinced that we all have multiple personalities waging war with each other and your moods and motivations depend on which personality is winning the fight.

    Keep writing it will all fit together at some point or not.

    1. Oh what a breath of fresh air you are. Iam so glad to hear someone else agrees with me. Your analysis of the guys is right on. I wonder if the Dad’s are there to help the boys through a difficult time of homesickness? Saw Piero’s #Naro comment and several other allusions to missing home, family, and friends.Loved that foto of he and his Dad and his description. Wonderful to see closeness between father and son. Sorry to say my son and husband no longer have that. Two alpha males I guess. After reading the blog by the band member I had no idea how truly difficult the travel was in between concerts. Imagine 20 hours to get from one city to the next requiring 3 plane changes! I avoid anything with any stopovers like the plague! ‘Course I hate flying at all. Had enough of it when I was working! Just a quick question if you would. When you get ready to post your blog who do you post it to? Just WorldPress, twitter, and/or facebook? How do you get people to read it? I posted this one on twitter, but then thought about the comments I made about ILVOLO MIAMI and deleted it from Twitter. I’ll keep plugging along on the writing and the Spanish. Bye for now. Donna

  2. I usually post to Twitter and sometimes to certain friends on Facebook. Before you publish, you can add “tags” which are key words used in searching so that others outside your circle can find you.Most of the people who read my blog I have never met.

    I believe the dads serve many purposes, i.e. bodyguard, babysitter, personal assistant, guard dog, and general buddy. I sent a Brabble to Piero that read “Saw your dad in Pittsburgh. Sat across from me. Dedicated parent. Much love there. You are blessed.” He sent back a love Brabble. That tells me a lot.

    About the travel, there was a video showing the whole crew arriving somewhere, don’t quite remember. But I looked at Piero specifically he was holding onto his father’s arm and looked like he could drop at any minute. I could not imagine that kind of life. I know they say they are living a dream and they love what they do, but everyone has limits. They have essentially be going nonstop for three years.

  3. Thanks Donna, what a good time I had reading this! I certainly can sympathize with most of it. Been there did that sort of thing. I like the rambling. Makes perfect sense to me.

  4. Donna, It is interesting to read your material. Keep it up. I thank you for your comments on my article at Il Volo Flight Crew. If things go well, my talks with Il Volo this week will produce an International Fan Club for Il Volo that will give all of these Il Volo sites a chance to connect with a larger entity. This organizaiton will have an annual 3-day celebration held in Las Vegas and open to all members. A chance to come and spend time with the boys and do activities with them and then have a concert on the final night. Fingers crossed, it will happen.

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