Out of my mind at the end of the year

I am so organized not … my Christmas blog is nearly finished and it is a week late…saving it for next year.

I am so organized not … 3 of the Christmas presents I intended to complete and ship in time for Christmas have not been started…can’t have them ready for New Years either. Oh, I know, Valentine’s Day.  That’s six weeks away, think I might make it!

I am so organized not … the Cub Scout blanket I planned for his last Christmas, then his birthday, then this Christmas is still not done…now he is a Boy Scout!

I am so organized … that the area in the basement … MY GIRL CAVE … is now FINISHED!  Course that is in lieu of every other thing on my TO DO list.

I am so organized … I have submitted my New Years resolutions already:  Live … each day fully!  Laugh … it is the best medicine and good exercise! … and the most important of all … Love … completely, body and soul, any other way is not real true love!

I am so organized not … that recently I was told I have my days and nights mixed up.  With the guys home in Italy…my American day and night IS mixed up.  I am on Il Volo time!!  A concept everyone but a fellow Il Voloer, does not understand!

I am so flattered … that so many of my tweets have been favorited I continually am adding new friends to my following account.

I am so organized not  … that I don’t know who many of them are!

I am so blessed … that I have made some very good buddies while tweeting.  Though we only know each other through the Il Volo tweets, we are a loving, caring “family” of Il Volovers.

I am so blessed … that I have not lost anyone close to me this year, family or friends.

I am also blessed … that God has given me a burden that he thinks I can handle.  Not sure I agree, but he is helping me try my best and the music of Il Volo helps relax and center me as well.

The one virtue that I know I will miserably fail at in 2014 as in all previous years, is that of patience.  Already I am impatiently awaiting new album publishing dates, new Il Volo concert schedule for 2014, Il Volo appearances, pictures and/or selfies of our guys, and updated biographies (true) of them.

Wishing you all a safe, healthy, joyous New Year 2014!


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